How to Find Your Enneagram Number

How to Find Your Enneagram Number

People frequently ask me which Enneagram test they should take to find their number. If you've followed me for a while, you might know that I'm not a fan of tests alone. The reality is, no test can tell you with 100% certainty what your type is. You have to do the inner work to decide for yourself what your core motivations and fears are! Nothing and no one can decide that for you except YOU.

However, it really can take a lot of work and self awareness to truly discover your type. There are several resources that can help you do the work though.



Start with a free Truity Test

There are a lot of free Enneagram tests out there, but in my opinion, Truity’s free test is the best place to start. All Enneagram tests are subject to error because it relies on you interpreting the questions correctly and being really honest with yourself. It's so easy to answer questions how we want to be, not how we actually are! Truity’s test only takes about 10-15 minutes and does a really incredible job of honing in on your type.

Take Truity’s Free Enneagram Test Now

The test breaks down your percentage scores for each Enneatype. When I took it, I got 98% Enneagram 9. My next closest score was an 84% match for Enneagram 7. That’s a pretty big gap!

Your results might come back with only a few percentage points difference in your highest scoring numbers, indicating it might be wise to explore multiple Enneatypes to see which one you identify with most.

Once you get your results, you can choose to purchase a more detailed report for $19 that gives you A TON more information to sift through. I was really impressed with how detailed and helpful their full report was.

Disclaimer: I am a paid affiliate partner with Truity. That means, at no extra expense to you, I receive a small commission from Truity for purchases that are made using my unique link included in this post above.

Find your core motivations and fears

While aspects of your personality can certainly change a lot over your lifetime, your Enneagram number never does. That’s because it’s not based on our behaviors, it’s based on our core belief system that is inherently part of us.

The Enneagram focuses WHY we do, think, or believe certain things. It doesn’t focus on WHAT we do.

There are several resources out there that explain the core motivations and fears of each Enneagram number. Reading through these and deciding which you relate to most can really help you narrow in on your number.

The Enneagram Institute and Integrative 9 both do a fantastic job of describing each type’s core motivations and give detailed descriptions of how those play out in real life. They both use slightly different examples and language, so I recommend reading them both!

I also wrote a blog post that breaks down the Centers of Intelligence and other basic Enneagram details that are helpful in finding your type.

Take your time and be honest with yourself

Finding your Enneagram number can be an uncomfortable process. Most of us see the problems or unattractive sides of our number before we’re introduced to all the positive sides of ourselves!

If you find your type and it hurts a little, you’ve probably landed on the right type.

Do your best to ask yourself honest questions and reflect on your true life experiences. There is no one type that is better than another. We all bring amazing qualities to the table and we all have so much room to grow!

All I can tell you is, if you lean into the Enneagram, it can lead to amazing positive changes in your life, relationships, and overall happiness. Welcome to the journey!

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