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Licensed Therapist and Enneagram Specialist


I'm Michael, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist practicing out of Moss and Main Therapy Group in Kansas City, MO.

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I've been “stuck” before. Really, really stuck. I've experienced hurt, shame, anxiety, and extreme feelings of inadequacy. But, I know those things don't define me. I also know everyone struggles with their own problems. Unfortunately, instead of defining our anger, our anxiety, our addiction, or our trauma as the problem, people often believe they are the problem.

When I learned that wasn't true, I felt a HUGE weight lifted off my shoulders. When someone told me it was okay to be exactly me, it was like I had been set free.

It hurts me that some people never learn that.

I'm a therapist because people need to know that they are not the problem. The problem is the problem. And there are ways to overcome that problem.

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Friends University

Masters of Science in Family Therapy (2017)


Full-time licensed and practicing therapist.

Trained in narrative therapy, EMDR, emotion-focused therapy, solution-focused therapy, internal family systems, sand tray therapy, and play therapy.


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Author of original Enneagram for Therapists Course. Students attend 6 live weekly trainings, join closed discussion group for therapists that I moderate, and complete 90+ page workbook.

Co-Author of Polyvagal Theory + The Enneagram. A 2-part course available live or recorded, instructing therapists on the nuances of overlapping Polyvagal Theory and the Enneagram to guide clients through trauma recover based on Enneagram number.

Contributing Author of Enneagram Glow Guide for Couples - 45 Unique Guides for each Enneagram pairing to help partners communicate and understand each other, better.
Use code MICHAEL for a discount on Glow Guides!

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Global Entrepreneurship Week: Taught hundreds of business owners how to use the Enneagram to become better managers.

Outreach International: Taught Enneagram Structure to the entire organization and then consulted with individual teams to help them communicate more effectively, resolve workplace conflict, and work better together.

Enneagram Mentorship: Meet with dozens of therapists regularly for personalized coaching on using the Enneagram in their individual therapy practices.

Public Speaker: Present to area businesses and organizations on using the Enneagram to build healthier, happier workplaces.

Private Enneagram Coach: On call coach for private executives, professionals and high profile figures through The Coaching Factory

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When I first became a therapist, I felt equipped with many theories and strategies to do my job well. But as I met with clients, I wanted more practical tools to understand people on a deeper level. I needed a roadmap to help me understand the nuances of individuals clearly so that I could help them heal in ways that worked for them. That’s when I discovered the Enneagram. I found my map.

Michael Shahan Therapy, Lyla, Therapy Dog, Dog, Moss and Main, Samoyed


Meet Lyla! She is a sweet Samoyed who frequently accompanies me at Moss and Main.

Warning: You may want to keep a lint roller in your car. I can’t promise you won’t take little pieces of Lyla fur with you after your session.