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A weekly podcast demystifying the therapy experience.

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Therapy can be extremely healing and rewarding, but getting started and committing to the healing journey can be really intimidating. Join Marriage and Family Therapist, Michael Shahan, as he interviews people about their honest experiences with therapy. Each episode works to demystify the therapy experience by uncovering what therapy actually is, how it works, what helps, what doesn't and everything in-between.

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Meet My Guests

Oliver Hughes | Aug. 9

Oliver is a Kansas City-based musician, video/audio producer, and father of two girls. He owns Enavant Creative, a professional cinematography studio where he spearheads the creation of beautiful documentaries and films. Oliver is an Enneagram 4 and one of my favorite people to call when I'm processing a ton of intense emotions because he just gets it.

Jim Cornfoot | Aug. 16

Jim is an Enneagram 7w8 who wears the title "the bear" like a badge of honor. He lives an amazingly vibrant life in Memphis, Tennessee. He's a queer and tattooed director of music at Evergreen Presbyterian Church, a gifted musician, piano teacher, avid cyclist, hiker, cat-dad and has incredibly valuable insights on therapy, growth, and healing.

Vanessa Fernandez | Aug. 23

Vanessa is an Enneagram coach and the creator of "The Enneagram Workshop." She's an Enneagram 3 who is passionate about teaching others how the Enneagram can be used for true inner transformation. She runs her business out of Miami, FL where lives with her husband and four kids.

Dani Cooper | Aug. 30

Dani is a certified Enneagram Teacher and Coach for individuals, couples, and teams. When she's not studying or teaching the Enneagram, you'll find her outside gardening and exploring nature with her husband of 24 years and her three kids. She's an Enneagram 1 who loves connecting with and encouraging people around the world on their own Enneagram journey.

Amanda Steed | Sept. 6

Amanda is a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) living in Dallas, Texas with her husband and two daughters. She's an EMDR-trained therapist and certified Enneagram coach who works frequently with complex PTSD, couples, and people with spiritual trauma. Amanda is a bold Enneagram 8 who will go to the ends of the earth to defend the people she loves!

Jessica Dickson | Sept. 13

Jessica is a life empowerment coach, Enneagram guide, and public speaker living in San Diego, California. She has her Master's in Counseling and a ton of experience working in education and non-profit sectors. She's a powerful Enneagram 8 who advocates and fights for equity, is actively dismanteling the patriarchy, and loves helping people step into their big dreams.

Steph Barron Hall | Sept. 20 & 27

Steph launched her Enneagram coaching business, Nine Types Co., in 2017 and now has over 300k people following her incredible Enneagram content on Instagram. She's an Enneagram 3 from Sacramento, California, with a Master's in Communication and Leadership. Her workshops and courses are amazing tools for helping people grow using their knowledge about the Enneagram!

Season 1: August 9 - September 27

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It is a long established fact that

Episode 1
Oliver's Therapy Story:
Healing from the Depths of Shame

If you saw Oliver, you’d see a big, bearded, force to be reckoned with. What you wouldn’t see is the soft-hearted father of girls who cried during “Disney on Ice.” In this episode, Oliver talks about growing up with fundamentalist expectations of “manliness,”...Listen Now

Episode 2
Jim's Therapy Story:
Trauma, Chair Work, and Learning to Truly Love Yourself

Jim is an open book, but he hasn’t always been that way. After years of hard work in therapy, he recently decided it was time to share his story. In this episode, you’ll follow Jim’s incredible journey from growing up as a young gay man in Texas... Listen Now

Episode 3
Vanessa's Therapy Story:
You're worthy of healing

Vanessa is an entrepreneur, a daughter of immigrants, a mom of four, and a fierce Enneagram 3 who has openly wrestled with discovering her own worth and value. In this episode, Vanessa talks about what it was like to search for a therapist who would genty guide her to figure out what she needed... Listen Now

Episode 4
Dani's Therapy Story:
You're worthy of healing

Dani is a huge advocate for self-discovery. As an Enneagram 1, her go-to mode is to fit everything into boxes and check to-do items off a list. In this episode, Dani talks about how her experience in therapy has helped her break down walls... Listen Now

Episode 5
Amanda's Therapy Story

If you ever need someone to stand up for you, or teach you how to stand up for yourself, Amanda is the perfect person to go to. She's a bold Enneagram 8 who admits she can turn on the charm, but has also confronted her therapist when she didn't think her therapist was being hard enough on her...Listen Now

Episode 6
Jessica's Therapy Story

Jessica is a bold Enneagram 8 who speaks from a place of experience on so many topics. She started therapy at a young age after a scary and traumatic home break-in that would continue to affect her into her adult life. After years of deep personal work....Listen Now

Episode 7
Steph's Therapy Story: Part 1

This is the first part of a 2-part episode with Steph Barron Hall, an Enneagram 3 who had just begun going to therapy again when I interviewed her last year. In this episode, Steph talks about her experience with therapy and how she had finally gotten to a place in life where she could allow herself to feel ....Listen Now

Episode 8
Steph's Therapy Story: Part 2

In part two of this two-part episode, Michael sits down with Steph Barron Hall once again, only this time a year into her therapy experience. Steph shares how she has learned self-compassion and how to allow time for herself in order to process her thoughts. ....Listen Now

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