The Embodied Enneagram:
A Guided Metation Series

Nine video meditations and teachings to get in touch with the essential quality of each Enneagram number.


Deepen your self-awarness
Expand your self-awareness by compassionately focusing on your body, your heart, and your mind.
Find empathy for others
Gain a greater understanding of how other people experience the world.
Explore hidden parts of your personality
Connect with parts of yourself you may rarely or never access.

About Us

Welcome to the Embodied Enneagram Meditation Series

Everyone has access to all of the Enneagram numbers inside of them. Your own number simply represents the parts that are unbalanced or that you overdo. If you’ve ever wished you had a carefree attitude of a 7, or the boldness of an 8, or the gentleness of a 2, you can! It’s just about connecting with that part of yourself that may be hidden, repressed, or afraid to come out.

In this Embodied Enneagram Meditation Series, you will discover how to connect with the essential quality of each Enneagram number.

As a result, I hope you will discover things inside of yourself that already exist, while also developing more compassion for people of other Enneagram numbers.

What are the essential qualityies of each Enneagram number?

Your essential quality is the gift you are inherently connected to, but begin to lose touch with as life wears on you.

Enneagram 1: Alignment

Ability to make sense out of the big picture and find dignity in both the “good” and the “bad.”

Enneagram 2: Tenderness

Loving connection with themselves and others, and a drawing toward those who are suffering and in need.

Enneagram 3: Meaning

Ability to access their inherent worth and bring meaning to the things they do.

Enneagram 4: Depth/Mystery

Intimate connection to the deep, mysterious, and unknown parts of themselves and life.

Enneagram 5: Knowing/Clarity

Full body, heart, and mind realization of what is true.

Enneagram 6: Guidance/Readiness

Inner guidance and readiness to move forward and face what life brings.

Enneagram 7: Openness/Freedom

Willingness to take part in whatever comes their way, and a feeling that life is always presenting new possibilities.

Enneagram 8: Aliveness/Empowerment

Feeling of powerfulness in the present moment, tuned into everything around them.

Enneagram 9: Groundedness/Presence

A sense of connectedness to themselves and their place in the world, just as they are.

Enneagram 9: Groundedness/Presence

Special note: My work in essential qualities is based largely off of Russ Hudson’s work on the topic and his book, The Enneagram: Nine Gateways to Presence.

FAQ: Embodied Enneagram Meditations

How long is each video?

Between 10-15 minutes per video.

Can I purchase individual videos?

No, this series was designed so that each number could build on each other. It’s best to experience the whole series together.

What is in each video?

Each video has a meditation and a short teaching after.

What if I've never meditated before?

That’s more than okay, actually! This series can absolutely work for beginner meditators. As you go through these videos, you’ll learn how to meditate and be present simply by participating in the meditations.

What if I don't understand or resonate with my number's essential quality?

That’s normal. Most of us lose touch with our essential quality as our ego and personality develop in childhood. If it feels like your essential quality is out of reach, you’re in the right place. I created this series to help us get back to those qualities.

How do I access the videos after I purchase?

You will get immediate access via email to all nine videos plus an introduction video as soon as you purchase.