Enneagram for Therapists, Using the Enneagram to Guide your Clients through Healing and Growth


Start Date: Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Duration: 6 Weeks Training + 1 Year Membership to Supportive Enneagram and Therapy Community

Weekly Trainings: Held at 5 p.m. CST on Tuesdays for 6 weeks.

Enneagram for Therapists Course has been approved by NBCC for NBCC credit. Michael Shahan Therapy is solely responsible for all aspects of the program. NBCC Approval No. SP-4300.


When I first became a therapist, I felt ready and eqipped with many theories and concepts of the human mind. But as I met with clients, I started realizing I needed more practical tools to help them heal in the way they wanted to. I found myself wishing I had a map of who they are so I could really see and help them.

The Enneagram gave me that map! With this tool, I'm able to get deeper insight into each client as an individual. It helps connect the dots between a person's past and present, while outlining a healthy growth path for the future.

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Help identify your client's Enneagram type and subtype
  • Teach your clients about the Enneagram so they can have confidence in it and develop self-awareness
  • Quickly recognize and correlate behavior patterns
  • Asking the right questions to uncover underlying patterns and the reasoning behind those patterns
  • Help clients discover and name deep emotions, hurts, and behaviors
  • Lead your clients to more empathy for themselves and their relationships
  • Develop close relationships with your clients
  • Serve and connect with individual clients differently according to their Enneatype
  • Use the Enneagram in conjunction with other modalities and theories like EMDR, Polyvagal Theory, Attachment Theory, and more!


When I first became a therapist, I felt ready and equipped with many theories and concepts of the human mind. But as I met with clients, I started realizing I needed more practical tools to help them heal in the way they wanted to. I found myself wishing I had a map of who they are so I could really see and help them.

That’s why I learned about the Enneagram. This new tool gave me deeper insight to understand my clients and helped me perceive what growth would look like for them. As I used the Enneagram with therapy clients, I realized more and more just how effective of a tool it is to create change. I saw my clients begin to understand themselves and others in a deeper way, and as their self-awareness grew, so did their compassion for themselves and others as well.

You know that your clients are different and that they have different needs. The Enneagram offers insight around how clients differ and how you can best help them in their growth journey.


Learn more about the Enneagram for Therapists course and by downloading the brochure below.


  • You wish you had more insight into what's going on in your client's mind.
  • You're looking for ways to help clients build empathy and self-acceptance.
  • You feel stuck when it comes to what to talk about or where to take clients in their own personal work.
  • You feel like a broken record, repeating the same things week after week, but you aren't sure why your clients aren't progressing.
  • You need more tools, activities, and insight into your specific clients.
  • You want to work with clients with more clarity, confidence, and curiosity so that you can help them truly heal.
  • You're a therapist, mental health professional, or coach looking to add to your toolbox to help your clients see real results.
  • You want to gain self-awareness, insight, and understanding around YOUR Enneagram type and how to move forward to be the best therapist you can be.


  • You're looking for a magic wand. Yes, the Enneagram can be incredibly powerful, but you still have to put in the work! You have to be willing to show up, work on yourself in your Enneagram type, and have the courage to delve into this work with clients as well.
  • You are disinterested in the Enneagram. I get it! The Enneagram is not for everyone, but I've seen the way it has transformed my life and my clients' lives, so that's why I want to share this knowledge. If the Enneagram is not interesting for you, this might not be the best fit.
  • You're not a therapist, mental health professional, or coach. Yes, you can still gain a ton of valuable insight about the Enneagram through this program, but everything here is geared toward helping those in professions gain practical skills for their client work. We'll focus a lot on the application side of this work, so if you're not in this type of setting, it will be less relevant. (Note: If you are working toward becoming a therapist, mental health professional, or coach, this will still be really valuable!)


What if I can't make it to the live meetings every week?
Will they be recorded?

Yes! While the live meetings are intended to provide value and support, I know that therapists are busy. I'll send out a link to the recording via our group Slack channel after the class.

What if I have questions between meetings?
Can I contact you to get clarity?

Yes! We have a group Slack channel where we will offer support to one another, provide real-time feedback, and discuss each module with real life therapy scenarios.

After the course is over, how can I continue learning?

This 6-week intensive will offer the education you need to learn the Enneagram and use it with your clients. But, I know the Enneagram is complex. That's why I offer a list of resources and recommended reading to continue learning. And, you'll have access to the community Slack channel for a year so that you can keep asking questions.

Do I have to wait until I've completed the program to start using the Enneagram with my therapy clients?

Nope! In fact, my students often share experiences in the Slack group and during our Zoom meetings about them using the information they learned immediately in client sessions.

Is this program open continually?

Nope! It opens periodically to create a cohort of less than 40 students (that's right - there's a cap!) so that you can walk through the modules with the same group of other therapists and mental health professionals as you learn together. Everyone in the program will be on the same module at the same time because I believe in the power of community learning.

I'm still in therapy school / coaching certification / supervision. Should I wait until I'm done to start this program?

Start now! It's never too late to start doing your own Enneagram work, and building foundational tools to work with clients with the Enneagram will be helpful once you start meeting 1:1. Take 25% off just for being a student with the code STUDENT25 at checkout!

What is the Refund/Cancellation Policy?

  1. Fees, Refunds, and Participant Cancellation
    There is a one-time program fee for the Enneagram For Therapists Course, which can be paid as a lump sum, or in installments. There are no additional fees required to earn CE Hours.

    Registrants who wish to cancel their registration before the course start-date, who have not yet received access to digital materials, may request a full refund of their purchase price less a $10 processing fee.

    Registrants who wish to cancel their registration once the course has begun and/or have received access to digital course materials may request credit to complete a future course offered by Michael Shahan Therapy.

    To request a refund based on unsatisfactory content, please see the grievance policy.
  2. Participant Complaints and Grievances
    Michael Shahan Therapy strives to provide quality learning content and assure fair and ethical treatment for all participants. If a participant is not satisfied with the content or would like to address any issue regarding the program, presenter, or anything that requires our attention and resolution, please use the contact information listed below and we will respond in a reasonable and timely manner and attempt to resolve the situation to the satisfaction of the complainant. Any complaint, dispute, or other grievance related to the Enneagram For Therapists Course will be reported to the NBCC.

    Michael Shahan Therapy
    4049 Central Street
    Kansas City, MO 6411
“I think the most impactful takeaway from my time in the course was being able to take the often abstract concepts in Enneagram work and make it more tangible for my clients in their growth work. Also being able to use language that resonates with my clients more closely in their trauma work has been essential in bringing unconscious pain and suffering to the surface so that we can work with it. This course helped me understand how to see my client’s story from their worldview instead of my own. Also, I really value the networking and consultation opportunities that came from the course. Ultimately what the course offered me was a deeper integration of Enneagram concepts into my personhood and work as a therapist“

Lauren Graham

January Course Participant

“I actually had an incredible moment today with a 15-year-old and her mom who started digging into the Enneagram two sessions ago. Mom is an Enneagram 2 and Daughter is an Enneagram 9. Speaking to the (very quiet) daughter, I spoke to that part of her that wants to hide and feel invisible, while so desperately wanting to be seen. The mom got teary-eyed and the daughter seemed to feel so known. I LOVED that the simple knowledge from the Enneagram allowed me to speak into her heart.

Maria Russell

January Course Participant



  • Enneagram for Therapists digital textbook
    (120+ Pages)
  • Client Worksheets and Handouts
  • 1 Hour of Live Teaching per week for 6 weeks (recorded for later reference)
  • Full reference guide of my Enneagram resources
  • Entry into my closed Enneagram + Therapy
    Slack group
  • Supportive Slack Channel for a YEAR, starting where the class begins
Esther Howard
Artist in May


  • Understanding the Enneagram and Why it Works as a Therapy Tool
  • Foundational Building Blocks of Each Number
  • Enneagram and Attachment Theory
  • Childhood Wounds and Predisposed Sensitivities
  • Soul Child Theory
  • Wings
  • Social Stances
  • Dominant Affect Groups
  • Holy Ideas
  • Stretch and Release Points
  • Idealized Aspects
  • Subtypes and Countertypes
  • Tools for identifying client Enneagram types
  • Explaining the Enneagram to your clients
  • Enneagram and Relationships
  • Developing Personal Growth Plans using the Enneagram
  • Using the Enneagram with other Modalities and Theories
  • And much more!
Esther Howard
Artist in May
Enneagram for Therapists Course, What to know about this program, topics covered, what you get
Enneagram For Therapists Course: An Enneagram Course for Therapists and Mental Health Professionals
Enneagram For Therapists Course: An Enneagram Course for Therapists and Mental Health Professionals
Enneagram For Therapists Course: An Enneagram Course for Therapists and Mental Health Professionals
A 6-week, in-depth course to understand how to use the Enneagram to help guide your clients through healing and growth. Includes weekly Zoom Meetings, Enneagram and Therapy E-textbook, Client workbook, and access to a community of therapists going through the same journey.