Enneagram 1 Profile

I’ve seen firsthand how the Enneagram has influenced my therapy practice, my clients, and my own personal growth. In order to better understand its impact, I interviewed a representative of each number to see the world through their lens.

What do you love the most about your number?

There are days that I really do feel like "The Reformer." Knowing that I'm equipped to change the world or have an influence on it feels really powerful to me.

What is the hardest thing about your number?

Mostly, everyone else being wrong makes it really hard to be an Enneagram One. Just kidding! :) 

Patience and then finding patience for my patience. Each number sees the world differently and everyone contributes in their own good way. (I wholeheartedly believe that!)  As a One, I can walk into a room and see five opportunities for improvement. Within 30 seconds I have seven solutions, a prioritized road map, and have probably ordered something on Amazon that will solve at least two, if not three of the problems I see.   

However, I am clearly from a different universe or perhaps the future because NOBODY else sees a single problem.    

So… being patient, learning to slow my roll, accept that just because I see an issue doesn't mean there is one (yet), and remembering to value other people's input. These are ALL ongoing challenges and a bold reminder that patience takes patience.

How have you used the knowledge of your Enneagram number to grow toward your best self?

As a One, we often see things in black and white, right or wrong. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you see it), that is NOT how the world works. A lot of life happens in the middle, the grey area. By recognizing and acknowledging that initial inclination to see something as good or bad, I can then make an active choice to think “Yep, it is black or it is white” OR I can choose to see it as it probably is, grey.

Recognizing and acknowledging my immediate response to label something as good or bad, right or wrong, has helped me to see myself and those around me differently. (Though, let me be clear, some things really are black and white, right or wrong.)

How has the Enneagram been useful to you during the therapy process?

When I showed up to therapy I was in a rough place in my life. I was seeking answers and wanted help, I thought I needed a very concrete plan to move past the place I was in. Hello, Enneagram One.

Being able to see that I desired a step-by-step process because of my One-ness allowed me to open up possibilities that didn’t involve “Steps 1-2-3-4, there you go you’re healed.” I can create SOME structure, but I don’t have to have that much control in order to heal.

What advice would you give to other people of your same number?

Give yourself some grace, be a little reckless, keep at it with the self-discovery, and know we are meant to evolve. Your life as a One could look drastically different in very little time if you let it!