Monday Evening Enneagram Collaboration and Mentorship

For client-facing professionals integrating the Enneagram into their practice


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Based Discussions

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Join me as we discuss in-depth Enneagram topics, bounce ideas off each other, and bring our own client case studies to work through together.

Let's get practical about the Enneagram together

More and more people are learning how to use the Enneagram in their client work. Therapists, coaches, social workers, spiritual leaders, and all kinds of professionals are finding the value in the Enneagram as a tool to help their clients understand themselves better and take steps toward personal growth.

What if you could collaborate with me and other professionals to continue to hone your Enneagram and client-work skills? Now you can...

Monday Nights
| 6 P.M. Central
| On Zoom
| Limited time only



Who is this group for?

Client-facing professionals who are interested in incorporating the Enneagram into their practice. This group is geared toward people who have an intermediate to advanced knowledge of the Enneagram. Previous students of my Enneagram for Therapists Course are encouraged to join!

Do I have to take the Enneagram for Therapists course to join on Monday nights?

No. Anyone can join on Monday nights including former students of my Enneagram for Therapists Course.

Will you be teaching during these meetings?

These meetings are primarily meant to collaborate with each other, pose questions, and bring real-life case studies of clients we’re working with right now. I will bring more in-depth topics for discussion, which may include short presentations/teachings.

How many people will be there?

I intend on keeping this group fairly small so that everyone has a chance to participate and collaborate. We may adjust the group size depending on the interest/demand.

How advanced is this group?

This group is aimed at people with intermediate to advanced Enneagram knowledge. A lot of what we do in this group will be an extension of my Enneagram for Therapists Course, helping people put into practice what I teach in the course. We will not be taking a lot of time reviewing Enneagram basics.